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Elevated Nutrition for Our Students

At a time when the federal government is lowering standards for nutrition, we remain committed to ensuring Namaste’s students have access to the highest quality food and nutrition. In fact, this year we have partnered with Gourmet Gorilla, a recognized leader in healthy food service, to raise our already high standards for well-balanced, nutritious meals. Gourmet Gorilla is committed to promoting healthy eating by obtaining all natural meats and produce from local, sustainable, and GAP-certified suppliers.


New Executive Director/Head of School, Natalie C. Neris

Dear Friends of Namaste,

As you may know, we have been conducting an extensive search process for our new, permanent leader for Namaste Charter School.  As a result of this effort, we are delighted to announce the appointment of Natalie Neris as our new Executive Director/Head of School.

In addition to her impressive bio, Natalie’s inspiring leadership garnered overwhelming support of the entire Namaste community and Board who all participated in the selection process.  She embodies our culture and our values and has a proven track record in teaching, academic excellence, and innovation.  And she is deeply committed to health and wellness, student’s long term success, and data-driven results which are all critical to our mission.

As you can see, we have evolved the title of the job to reflect the fact that it really encompasses more than a traditional HOS would be asked to do at a CPS school.  This role includes a lot of work in both development and finance and operations so we believe that Executive Director is a more accurate reflection of the duties.

Natalie will begin full time on June 5th focusing planning for the 2017/2018 school year and transitioning of duties from Stephanie Bloom, our Interim Head of School, who will stay on through June 30th.  We are grateful to have this time to ensure Natalie is set up for success and we don’t lose any of the great momentum we currently have in process.

We look forward to continuing to share great news as we move into this exciting chapter for Namaste!


Namaste Board of Directors

Learn more about Natalie here.


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