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All parents, family members, or community members who plan to volunteer during school hours and events are required to complete a CPS Volunteer Application and a background check. You fill out the online form or on the computers in our Parent Center.


A parent or guardian who fills out the form and is approved, will be able to volunteer for 10 hours or less per week. A non-parent or community member who turns in these documents and is approved, will be able to volunteer for 5 hours or less per week. If you want to volunteer for more than the respective 10 or 5 hours, please reach out to Ms.Karizma at engagement@namastecharterschool.org for additional steps. You can find the complete Chicago Public Schools Volunteer policy at https://policy.cps.edu/download.aspx?ID=272. Please reach out to Michelle Clark, Director of Student and Parent Engagement, at mclark@namastecharterschool.org with any questions.

Below are steps to the volunteer process and more information about hours.

Want to become a volunteer?

  • Fill out CPS Volunteer Application online or on the computer in the Parent Center.Please Put Level 1 for Volunteer Type.




  • Return background check receipt to Dir. of HR and Operations or Main Office 


  • After the first 3 steps, Scan your government-issued identification in the Raptor security system at the Lobby.This is only needed to be done once.


  • Once approved you will be notified and able to start volunteering.

Background Check Locations

Wondering How you can gain hours?


  • Support in helping run school events  
  • Assist a staff member during or after school 
  • Chaperoning a Field Trip 
  • Attend Meetings/Workshop 
  • Offer a Workshop 
  • Start a club or group for parents



Options may vary depending on what support is needed at the same 


  • Research Topics

Committees/Meetings to Join:

BAC-meets once a month 8:15am-9:15am

Parents Ignite-once a month 8:15am-9:15am 

Wellness-every two months 8:15am-9:15am  

Cafecito-once a month 8:15am-9:15am

How to Log Hours?

Through this link 



 Or on the computers located in the parent center. This link will always be opened on the computer.

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