Our vision is to empower the whole child to thrive in a complex, interconnected and changing world.


Namaste Charter School promotes curiosity and lifelong student success by implementing and sharing a holistic educational model. We combine health and wellness with academic rigor in a safe and inclusive environment.

Namaste is a pioneer. Our ground-breaking work to promote equity by addressing the nutrition, health, and wellness needs of our students remains at the forefront; yet, as we grow in our understanding of brain science, mental health, and technology, we recognize improved academic outcomes for our students are a critical focus.


Since 2004, Namaste Charter School has been a model for the integration of health and wellness programming in school to ensure students’ lasting physical and social-emotional health parallel to high academic achievement. Namaste was purposefully designed in response to research on learning and promotes equity as a school that educates the whole child. Through high-quality, data-informed, student-centered academics; programming to promote social-emotional growth and creativity; a focus on nutrition, movement, and wellness; family-based programming and authentic engagement; access to a Dual Language Spanish immersion model; and an extended school day and year; Namaste has positioned itself as an innovator in education. Recognizing the alarming increase in childhood obesity rates and the highly detrimental effect poor health has on children’s academic performance, Namaste Charter School was specifically designed to integrate physical fitness, nutrition and healthy lifestyle disciplines with rigorous academic curricula to empower its students for lifelong success.

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