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Early Entrance To Kindergarten

Now Accepting Applications for Early Entrance To Kindergarten, School Year 2024-2025.

The deadline to apply is Friday, March 1st, 2024.

Application Requirements

  • Kindergarten Applicants must be 5 years old between September 2, 2024-December 31, 2024.
  • Applicants must have attended at least one full year of preschool.
  • Applicants must live in the Chicago land area.

Application Process

Namaste Charter School takes seriously the decision for a child to enter school early. Accordingly, the criteria for early entry are rigorous. The evaluation process is designed to ensure that students are not hindered by the challenges of the instructional programs and the effect that early placement might have. Although a student may exhibit high ability, please be aware that they may not be ready for kindergarten. Other important factors to consider are social maturity, personal development, and motor development. If a student is evaluated as a viable candidate for early entrance to kindergarten, it is important that all stakeholders are supportive of the decision.

  1. The parent/legal guardian will complete and submit an online application by the March 1, 2024, application deadline. Complete the application located at the bottom of this web page.

  2. The parent/legal guardian will be contacted via email to schedule the first phase of the assessment process, which will take place at a date to be determined.

    The parent/guardian shall provide the following:

    • (1) Evidence that the student attended at least one year of preschool – non-CPS preschoolers should provide a letter signed by the student’s preschool verifying this information; for CPS preschoolers, this information will be verified via the Aspen Student Information System;

    • (2) A copy of the student’s birth certificate or other proof of age, and

    • (3) A copy of the parent/legal guardian’s state ID or driver’s license for proof of residency. If the parent/legal guardian does not have a state ID or driver's license, we will accept: current utility bill, Illinois driver's license or State of Illinois identification card, deed, employee identification number, MediPlan/Medicaid card, court documents, Illinois Department of Public Aid card, stamped United States Post Office change of address form, or Illinois state aid check/Social Security check.

  3. Students will be scheduled for the academic and cognitive test. The exam will be scored within three business days and the parent will be notified via email regarding the results. The student must score at the 91st percentile or higher on both the academic and cognitive portions of the test in order to qualify for Early Entrance into Kindergarten. If the student does not achieve this score, the parent will be notified in the email notification and the Early Entrance evaluation process for the student will end at that point.

  4. If the student achieves the required minimum score on the academic and cognitive tests, the parent or guardian will be offered a space for enrollment at Namaste Charter School for the 2024-2025 school year.

  5. Upon enrollment, the school's School Transition Team will complete an academic transition plan with the parent or legal guardian and agree on a routine for communicating student academic progress. 


Per Public Act 100‐0421 signed by the Governor on 8/25/2017 

Provides that any student in a school district may be referred for possible accelerated placement. 

Purpose:  Allows accelerated placement to include, but not be limited to, early entrance to kindergarten or first grade, accelerating a student in a single subject, compacting curriculum, concurrent enrollment, credit by examination, online learning courses, Advanced Placement courses, International Baccalaureate programs, grade acceleration, grade telescoping, and early high school graduation.  Develop a policy that sets forth evaluation and appeal guidelines.  There should be an acceleration evaluation committee to evaluate a child for accelerated placement.  Requires school districts to report certain data to the State Board of Education.

The Act requires all school districts to develop and implement a local policy that uses a fair and equitable decision-making process with multiple measures to identify students who may benefit from accelerated placement. Effective April of 2020, Namaste will adopt the portion of the policy outlining early entrance to kindergarten.  

Namaste Charter School is adopting the following policy for the Early Entrance to Kindergarten.  Namaste Charter School will begin accepting applications into the Accelerated Placement-Early Entrance to Kindergarten for students who will reach five years of age between the dates of September 2 and December 31 in the year in which they wish to enroll.  In order to be eligible for early entrance into kindergarten students must:

  • Successfully completed a full year of preschool

  • Turn 5 between September 2nd through December 31st. 

  • Must pass an academic and cognitive evaluation to demonstrate kindergarten readiness

  • Must live in Chicago, Illinois

The process is open to all students who meet the above-outlined criteria.  The decision-making process will be fair and equitable and administered by an Early Entrance to Kindergarten Committee. 

If the student achieves the required minimum score on the academic and cognitive tests, the parent or guardian will be offered a space for enrollment for the 2024-2025 school year according to lottery guidelines, waitlist guidelines, and space available.  Parents must complete a confirmation of enrollment form accepting their space for enrollment at Namaste Charter School for the fall and complete all registration requirements.

Upon enrollment, the school's School Transition Team will complete an academic transition plan with the parent or legal guardian and routinely meet to discuss the student's academic progress.  

If you need assistance, email us at info@namastecharterschool.org.  

Namaste takes all requirements for enrollment very seriously, in order for a child to enter school early.  The criteria for enrollment support students' successful journey and ensure students are not hindered by the rigorous expectations of the instructional program and the effect that early placement may have.  While students may exhibit high academic ability, they may not be developmentally or socially ready for the challenges.  Social maturity, personal development, and motor development are all essential to a student’s success. If the determination is that a student is a viable candidate, it is important that support is provided from all key stakeholders, including family.  Students may only be assessed one time per school year. 

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