Our School Model

Namaste Charter School’s vision is to change the trajectory of underserved children’s lives.

Namaste was created to offer a high quality, holistic education to students within the Chicago Public School system.

Namaste’s innovative approach maximizes students’ learning experiences by implementing a modified year-round schedule to extend academic and wellness programming. The daily schedule includes a healthy breakfast and lunch, as well as a Family Breakfast each week, to ensure students are well-nourished. The school day is extended to 7 1/2 hours (with early release on Fridays, allowing for teachers to engage in weekly professional development) to allow ample time for regular physical activity alongside high-quality academic instruction. Every day, students engage in 60 minutes of Physical Education and 20 minutes of recess, plus begin the day with “Morning Movement”. Namaste supports both students and their families by providing meaningful family programming and a Parent Center.

As a critical part of our model, teachers and staff work closely with parents and neighborhood leaders to provide an exceptional academic environment that makes Namaste Charter School a proud cornerstone of the community.

Why focus on health and wellness?  Healthy children are better learners.

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