The Namaste Way

Namaste Charter School is an innovative Kindergarten-8th grade public charter school located in Chicago’s McKinley Park neighborhood. Since Namaste’s inception in 2004, the school has developed and strengthened its groundbreaking model to combat the diverse challenges facing children growing up in Chicago’s underserved communities. More than 85% of Namaste’s students come from low-income households and 90% are Latino or African American, groups that face disproportionately high overweight and obesity rates and often lack access to high-quality educational experiences.

Namaste works to change the trajectory of underserved children’s lives by providing a top-notch holistic education that integrates health and wellness programming with rigorous academics. Each Namaste practice is purposefully implemented to improve student academics, promote positive physical and mental health outcomes, and ensure student success in high school, college and beyond.

Namaste Charter School is making a measurable difference in children’s lives by implementing and sharing a groundbreaking approach to education that combines health and wellness with academic rigor in a peaceful environment.