Allison Slade in Chicago Sun-Times

Namaste’s principal and founder Allison Slade writes about the intersection of education and yoga, and why she chose to start a school that “educates children from the inside out”, in this Chicago Sun-Times article.

As a teacher more than a decade ago in inner-city Houston, every day I saw children come to school angry and frustrated — traumatized by violence, hungry or scared, but without the words to express their emotions and focus on learning. So I created a small oasis in my kindergarten class where students felt safe to talk about their feelings and engage in school. Inside our classroom walls, it worked. But once the students left my doors, everything would fall apart.

I knew my kids needed emotional support, structure and instruction in identifying emotions — much more than I could provide in just my classroom. When I decided to apply to start a new public school in Chicago, I knew I had to form a school that would educate children from the inside out, as emotionally and physically healthy children perform much better in school.

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