Staff Directory

Acuna, Vanessa          K-8 Student Support Advocate / Discipline

Acuna, Veronica         Learning Support Manager

Aleman, Rosie            Business Operations Manager

Anderson, Lindsay     5th / 6th Grade Writing Teacher

Arce, Irma                    Learning Support Aide

Arellano, John Paul   Elementary Instructional Leader

Arellano, Nora            Receptionist

Argentar, Kathy           Development Manager

Avila, Andres               Counselor

Bloom, Stephanie      Interim Head of School

Bortolin, Fany             Director of Finance

Cabrera, Manjiri         Library Assistant

Clark, Michelle            Health and Wellness Coordinator

Contreras, Liz             7th/8th Grade Science Teacher

Coombs, Katie            2nd Grade Dual Language Teacher

Doyle, Carolyn            Sodexo Food Service Manager

Ellis, Marcella              7th/8th Grade Writing Teacher

Ernst, Jill                       Learning Support Teacher

Etchell, Scott                 Physical Education Teacher

Feeney, Shannon         Middle School Instructional Leader

Garibay, Stephanie      Physical Education Teacher

Garza, Lydia                  Learning Support Teacher

Gavaghan, Virginia      Kindergarden Aide

Goldfarb, Ashley           Lead Interventionist

Golley, Maia                   Kindergarden Teacher

Gorman, Beatriz            Social Worker / Student Success Advocate

Gusic, Joan                    Learning Support Aide

Hernandez, Stephanie  Learning Support Aide

Kelin, Emily                    1st Grade Teacher – Dual Language

Kraus, Karina                 Business Associate

Lindy, Rachel                 Learning Support Teacher

Martinez, Melissa          Kindergarden Aide

McCoy, Ashley                Learning Support Teacher

McGuinnis, Thomas     Physical Education Teacher

Millham, Maria               5th / 6th Social Studies Teacher – Dual Language

Minter, Maya                   Learning Support Teacher

Mori, Kenji                      5th /6th Grade Math Teacher

Rhames, Marilyn           Alumni Coordinator

Romo, Genesis              1st Grade Learning Support Aide

Romo, Myrna                  Office Operations Manager

Salguero, Mildred          7th / 8th Grade Social Studies Teacher – Dual Language

Sanchez, Gina                 2nd Grade Teacher

Scruggs, Reggie             Learning Support Aide

Srikishan, Hemang        7th / 8th Grade Math Teacher

Sroka, Kristin                  3rd Grade Teacher

Stark, Kristabel               Learning Support Teacher

Strutt, Peter                     3th / 4th Grade Teacher Aide

Tanchez, Franko             Facility Manager

Tovalin, Rocio                 3rd Grade Teacher – Dual Language

Urben, Sarah                  1st Grade Teacher

Valle, Ricardo                 4th Grade Teacher – Dual Language

Wilson, Tucker               5th / 6th Grade Science Teacher